Proposed “Video Architecture” for Audi A8 Launch Event


Client: Conde Nast, 2003
Conde Nast was to host an event for Audi’s launch of the A8. The event would center around honoring four visionaries who were part of Audi’s “Never Follow” campaign. Our proposal for the event involved four environments that honored each of the visionaries in their respective fields: music, film, literature and sports.
We proposed creating four pavilions by stretching fabric into abstract “tents” that would serve as projection screens, literally turning the structure into “video architecture.” In addition to the 30 seconds loops covering the surface of the tents, LCD panels inside would screen 3 minute film loops that referenced their work. With participants given Bluetooth headsets, they would be free to wander thorough the pavilions, drink in hand.
David Bowie, the Coen Brothers, Alice Sebold and Donald Brashear were suggested as possible choices. Still frames were created to suggest the direction of each piece.