Client: The Museum of Modern Art

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Home Delivery was MoMA’s 2008 blockbuster exhibit of prefab architecture. This audaciously ambitious exhibition was the brainchild – and debut – of Barry Bergdoll, MoMA’s curator of Architecture. Five full size houses would be commissioned and exhibited in a 50,000 square foot lot adjacent to the museum. The assignment from curator Bergdoll was to add “life and dynamism” to the extraordinary collection of models and ephemera in the 6th floor gallery using archival films that revealed the processes of prefabrication.

In conversations with curator Bergdoll and Associate Curator, Peter Christensen, we developed a theme that embraced the corresponding development of film and prefab.  We suggested that projections from 6 historical periods would be edited in the cinematic style of each era.  This would ultimately lead to the merging of the two in the use of 3-D animation and CNC machines to design and actually fabricate the structures. 

At the end of this year long process, we located some 150 films from around the world. Over 80 films were selected, and a further 30 film were used in creating 80 unique title sequences providing historical context for each film.  In addition, 19 films were located that related to specific historical models in the show and these were played on monitors throughout the gallery.

Additionally, Velocity Filmworks proposed recording the fabrication of the commissioned homes. We were able to secure a sponsorship from Panasonic to travel to Austria, North Carolina and New Jersey to install their remote controlled surveillance cameras. These cameras, which could be repositioned by MoMA staff in NY, recorded time-lapse footage for the Home Delivery website and blog.  5 additional cameras were installed at the MoMA exhibition site providing visitors to the website an ongoing view of the “home delivery” and final assembly.  Read our blog entry here.