Client: Office For Victims of Crime and Justice Solutions
Co-directed by Joey Forsyte and Emmy award winning filmmaker, Lisa Jackson
The Department of Justice’s Office of Victims Services wanted to create a Campaign for Crime Victims Weeks. Many victims and survivors of victims were unaware of services that were available to them. Working with Justice Solutions, we met and interviewed over 100 crime victims, survivors and victim advocates, to give them voice in the creation of the campaign. Co-director, Lisa Jackson, herself an advocate of social justice, opened this community’s hearts. Their extraordinary courage was critical in crafting the message. Our goal was to represent them as the heroes they are. We sought to help end the separation many victims feel within their communities by raising public awareness through emotional connection. Finally, the message had to help victims get help.
We filmed 14 subjects in 3 days of shooting within 7 locations, producing 8 PSA’s. This project was a profound experience for all who worked on the campaign. Our extraordinary subjects are our heroes.